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The Mind and Body are intimately connected. Therapeutic Counselling interventions that integrate treatments to normalise and optimise brain functioning can help to promote regulation within the body-mind system, leading to potentially better client outcomes.

BodhiMind Psychology's therapeutic philosophy embraces a fusion of cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience and applied psychophysiology with a holistic Mindfulness-based approach to psychotherapeutic intervention, in order to enhance an individual's healthy brain function and self-regulation.

Psychological Assessment

There may be times when you have noticed difficulties with your thinking, learning or memory processes, such as following a head injury or related to age. Or perhaps you may experience difficulties with anxiety and depression, adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), or other physical complaints. Your doctor or other healthcare provider may have recommended that you see a Psychologist for assessment.

BodhiMind Psychology offers Psychological Assessment and Intervention for cognitive and psychological difficulties across the developmental lifespan.

BodhiMind Psychology uses the latest in digital and computerised testing equipment to assess patients who have difficulties with learning and thinking skills, memory, social-emotional and behavioural difficulties.

What does the Psychological Assessment involve?

  • Typically, the assessment process will involve a comprehensive interview, the completion of questionnaires specific to your present problem/s, and possibly the administration of specific psychological tests.
  • A thorough and comprehensive assessment of your presenting problem is a necessary first step prior to implementing any intervention plan.
  • The assessment process is designed to identify possible underlying causes for the problem, personal strengths, difficulties and areas for potential intervention.
  • The assessment process may take several sessions to complete, depending on the complexity of the referral question.
  • Individual Brain Mapping is offered as part of each assessment (where appropriate or desired), in order to identify areas of generalised or localised brain dysregulation.

Types of Assessment

BodhiMind Psychology offers comprehensive assessment in the following areas:

  • Cognitive/Intellectual ability (Impairment and Giftedness)
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Neuropsychological functioning
  • Memory and Learning
  • Visual and Auditory Attention
  • Executive Functioning
  • Behavioural functioning
  • Adaptive behaviour

The specific assessments to be completed will be discussed with you at the initial consultation.
Please bring copies of any medical and psychological assessments that you may have undertaken previously, so that any changes in performance can be noted.

Psychological Counselling and Neurotherapy

  • Counselling and Psychological Treatment programs are available for a range of issues, particularly anxiety.
  • BodhiMind Psychology offers interventions based on Mindfulness-based cognitive and behavioural methods, and brain-based Neurotherapy intervention.
  • Neurotherapy is a treatment to promote relaxation and optimal brain functioning to enhance treatment outcomes. (For more information click here).
  • Psychological Counselling and Neurotherapy are only offered via face-to-face consultation, and are not available via telephone.

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